Essay on Communication challenges

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For this report the team has consider the various methods of communication and the challenges involved with each method.
The communication methods used in this report are: Instant messaging (which include social media, email and phone messages), phone calls and video conference.
Instant messaging:
When we talk about written communication and in order to do not create confusion, is always important to remember that the information need to be presented clearly and concisely.
The main problems founded are
The tone is hard to distinguish in written materials and it can create confusion. Body language is not possible in written communication and the intention might be unclear.
Writing a memo or replying to one may involve more in-depth writing and a longer response than ordinary talking would require.
The main solution applied to this problem is the use of the phone calls or video calls ones the received message is not clear enough or can create confusion.

Phone calls:
Verbal communication is preferable over written communication, especially when lengthy or complicated responses are required.
The main problem founded with this communication method is that there is no visual interaction or the possibility to use body language and this can create a problem of miscommunication.
In order to solve this problem the team made sure that any time that this communication method was used there weren’t any distractions or background noises that could affect or damage the communication.

Video conference:
Video conferencing allow the team to communicate and avoid many problems that occur in the above methods. Video conferences can provide a more interactive means of communication and exchange of ideas but it also create more technical problems that can affect the communication.

Some of the problems that can be founded using video conference are: -Connections are too slow - One of the computers involve in the communication does not support the video conference software
-One of the workers of the team involved in the