Communication Climates, Responses, and Dynamics Essay

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Communication Climates, Responses, and Dynamics

COM 330

This paper will discuss small teams on a reality show called “There goes the Neighborhood”. This show is about a neighborhood that allows a brick wall to gate them in and they must learn to work together, not only as a family, but as neighbors too. In the beginning of the game, everything is taken away from them. For example, all of the luxuries such as appliances, televisions, snacks, video games, and children’s toys were all removed. There was no need for their cars since there was a huge wall around the neighborhood. These teams not only had to learn to become a team, but it would also teach them to appreciate everything that they have. The game encourages team work,
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This situation came into place as the teams had their challenges. The teams were supposed to build a house of card which taught them how to listen to each other and work as a team. One of the children was very experienced in building houses of cards, but the parents were ignoring his ideas on how to build it because of his age. The family ended up losing the challenge because they did not listen to each other. The same thing that the child was explaining to his family, the other team listened and took the idea and won the challenge. This also showed a barrier between the adults and the children. Some parents still live the old fashion way where children are not really paid attention to, especially in a situation where a huge lump sum of money is involved. Some of the old fashioned quotes would be, "Don't speak until you're spoken to"; "Children should be seen and not heard". Due to this, children never get a chance to express themselves or help out so they either give up or rebel. Some children feel why they should bother if no one is going to pay attention to them. There were also several barriers between the families such as cultural, physical, and emotional. There were a lot of stereotypes going on in this show. Like mentioned before, the Nelson’s had a problem with the Mullinax’s because they were lesbians. The men had issues with Cameron Johnston because he