Communication Futures

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Unit Title: Contextual and Theoretical Studies 2 :
Communication Futures
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Year 2/Level 5

Assignment Title: CTS Options: Communication Futures
Hand-in/Deadline date:
Term 1 (Group Presentation) 19 November 2013
Hand-in method: Term 1 – Group presentation delivered in class with written notes submitted to tutor following the presentation.
Aims / Context:
In the second year of your course the Contextual and Theoretical Studies (CTS) unit will be based around two specific option subjects from the field of art, design and visual culture. These option choices will allow you to both extend your knowledge in relation to your main studio specialism and to broaden and deepen your understanding of the historical, social, theoretical and cultural developments in visual culture and communications. You will study the first option in Term 1 and the second option in Term 2. In both of the options that you study during the year you will engage in critical reading, seminars and further study related to key concepts, debates and theories. This focus on acquiring skills in research and critical analysis will enable you to formulate and develop your dissertation proposal at the end of the year. Communication futures assignment:
You will be divided into groups. Each group will choose an artefact or design that you think is interesting in the context of communication futures. Evaluate your artifact/design in its cultural and theoretical context, using a key text from the option bibliographies to help you. You must consider the relationship between the text and the artifact or design.
In terms of answering these questions you must conform to the guidelines contained in the Assignment Criteria/Format section below.
Learning outcomes:
On completion of this unit you will be able to:
Express your opinions as a result of informed, structured research. (Research)
Engage in constructive and informed critical argument and debate. (Analysis)
Place your practice in a broader visual context. (Subject Knowledge)
Employ appropriate means of communication in the presentation of concepts and ideas. (Communication and Presentation)
Assignment Criteria / Format:
Produce and deliver a presentation with supporting visual materials and an annotated bibliography in relation to your 1st option choice. (50% of total unit mark)

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You will be assessed on a single group presentation and supporting documentation in relation to a question set by your Option tutor. All options questions will, however, ask you to consider the relationship between an artefact and text or texts (individual tutors may set these primary texts).
You will work in small groups of 3-5 students (to be organised by the Option Tutor in week 3).
Each group’s presentation will last between ten and fifteen minutes. These presentations will take place in weeks 9 and 10 of the first term but all groups will have their presentation ready for week 9 when running orders will be decided
Each student must contribute to the making of their group’s presentation. However, not every member of the group is required to present to the class but the group will be marked as a whole.
Each group will produce a supporting document of 1000 words to be submitted to the
Option Tutor in week nine. This document will include:
• An annotated bibliography
• Appropriate supporting visual material
• Comments on the assignment and the roles played by individual students
Indicative reading (– look at the week-by-week bibliographies for