Communication: Gender and Ad Essay

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By summarizing the content of the ad, the women threw the weighing apparatuses through their windows and the ad describing that if the woman consumes their products then they don't have to be worried about the fats. The advertisement uses the most women's problems to attract the audiences on “how great you would look?” which most of the women always have problems with their clothes, if they used the products, then it will keep them away from these problems. The central of this argument is that, in its representation of modern women, the Special K. creates an interesting irony by showing feminism through the male's gaze.
The area of contrast in the ad involves power. Most of the women want to look better to attract the men and this product will help them accomplishing their achievements. However, the portrayed woman in the advertising represents the beauty and the way her body is displayed by providing a fetishized image of women that creates a conflict over who posses the power, like Goldman mentions, “her appearance is her value, and her avenue for creating capital. Ironically, men once dominated women on the proprietary claims made on the body of women” (Goldman. 123) which shows the conflict of power between women and men, concerning to who is in control of the female body. The Special K.'s advertising, the woman exudes a fantasized image of the female perfect body. On the other hand, her appearance is being put on display for the benefit of women, as well as among the heterosexual, male vision. Her body is objectified.

The commercial ads that will be analyzed in this paper represents life of the farmers for the company called Ram trucks. This ad is published in 2013 and it represents the difficulty of farmer’s life these days. I assert that in portraying their products as a causal factor which influences convenience, the advertisement appeals to the gender role representing the masculinity as a farmer.

As we see the men who portrayed in the ad, most of them have the strong and muscular appearance that all the farmers need to have. The ad describe that farmer life is a really hard job and it must use male ability to complete the works. This show the symbolic use of the gender role in its representation of the social value. The farmer should be a man who is strong enough to complete the hard works such cutting the trees; in contrast it’s not easy for a women to do this. However, most of the son want to help their family to continue their business like this portraying farmer family in the ad that his son said “he want to spend his life doing what his dad does.” This shows as significant that his son has responsible to take care of his dad farm that is difficult but he must to do it because he is a farmer son. Therefore, “Ram trucks” is a