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Communication Genre Comparative Analysis
Christa Tsotaddle
COM/PA 530
August 25, 2014
Norma Sutton
Communication Genre Comparative Analysis

Communication Genre Comparative Analysis Introduction
In the communication world, there are various communication genres. These genres consist of business cards, resumes, policy handbooks, public policy report, government grants, and others. Genres of communication are the typified actions characterized by similar substance and form and taken in response to recurrent situations (Yates & Orlikowski, 1992). Although they are different from media communications, media does play a role in communication genres and may create an evolution in this area as well. The following analysis is a comparison between the following genres: business cards, resumes, policy handbooks, public policy report, and government grants.

Business Card Genre The purpose of this a business card communication genre is to provide its readers with important information such as the agency's name or the name of the professional, phone number and in some cases the phone number and extension, address, and email. This type of genre is similar to that of a resume because it relays the important information that a reader needs. It differs from other genres because genres such as policy handbooks, public policy report, and government grants go into more detail on the information that will be relayed to the reader. Discourse convention does not play a part in this type of communication; it is a simple and easy to understand communication that any audience can read to understand. This particular genre is intended for external distribution.

Resume Genre The resume has the purpose of providing the recipient with information other than contact information. It provides the reader with employment history, education history, skills and experiences, as well as the sender's contact information. It is similar to that of the business card, however, it is more detailed, and it is for the individual themselves in regards to employment; and it is also for external distribution. Technology plays an important part of this communication genre because an individual can type of their resume online and print it off or they can simply send it by email to where it needs to go. The resume is also similar to the business card because there is no representation of discourse conventions.

Policy Handbook Genre A policy handbook provides information depending on the organization or agency that the handbook is created for. The purpose of these handbooks are to advise citizens how to obey rule and laws that the government set in place and how to take part in services provided by them as well (Allison & Williams, 2008). One way that this genre helps the reader grasp the information quickly and effectively is by providing instructions, directives, and assistance. Technology plays an important role in this development because it is easier to research and create handbooks by finding examples of other handbooks. Discourse conventions can take place in the development of policy handbooks because it takes groups and experience to develop a decent policy handbook that will be effective. This type of communication genre can be considered an external distribution because it provides the public with information to understand the rules and laws of government.

Public Policy Report Genre The purpose of the public policy reports are to investigate and examine past events in order to make