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Comucation development 0-19
Cries are vigorous but variable in pitch
1 month:
Cries when hungry or uncomfortable
Coo's responsively to carers voice from 5-6 weeks
4 months: babbling, coos and 'oohs',squeals
8 months: 'lalala' stage, squeals, shrieks, enjoys own voice, engages in conversations
Babbles continusly
1 year: knows own name
Understands very simple instructions with carer e.g clap hands
1-2 years: speech beginning to develop and use of recall
18 months/2 years: by 18 months can say around 6-10 recognisable words although many children can say from 20-100 words
Can usually understand many more
Enjoys repetitive song and rhymes
May arrange several words together
Coversation skills are developing
usually knows several nursery rhymes
Using accepted sentences structured more frequently, vocabulary continues to increase and pronunciation improves
Enjoys telling storys
4-5 years:
Language should be well developed with the child using words appropriately to express needswishes wants and feelings
Enjoys being read to and reading
5-7 years:
Begin to understand meaning of written text.
7+ read tovthem selfs
Language improves in complexity
Reading skills developed
Chidren understand the use of language in play and express feelings state of self and others
May use a vocabulary of about 1500-4000words
Asks a lot of questions what, when,how,who where and especially why
Develps early literacy skills
Gives detailed accounts nof past events
Vocalises feelings and ideas
Can deliver complex verbal messages
Shows interest in simple poetry
Uses language effectively to communicate
Has extensive vocabulary of between 4000-10000 words
Uses more complex sentence structures
Develops more complex writhing and reading skills, including improved comprehension
Develops more writing skills, including more accurate spelling, punctuation and joined up writing
Continues to enjoy books, stories and poetry
Gives very detailed accounts of past events and can anticipate future events vocalists ideas and feelings in more depths
Listens to and follows more complex instructions
Appreciates jokes due to more sophisticated language knowledge
Uses literacy skills to communicate and to access information e.g story and