Communication In Business Essay

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Communication in Business
Description of one behavior that significantly impacts how I manage and would like to change:
A behavior that I need to change and has been a problem in the past, and will be a problem in managing a staff is the way I communicate with people. The way I come across to other people when speaking to them in general or trying to solve their problems is (as pointed out by other supervisors) as being sarcastic and rude, and they read my body language as they are bothering me.
This of course is not intentional, but it is coming out as such. It is not very professional and it is frustrating and I do try not to do it, but the more I try, it does not work.
Rationale as to why the behavior would be important to address:
Communication is a very important in life, especially communicating to other people on a professional level. Communication has to be clear, polite, to the point, and the perception has to be a positive one. Body language is very important, people can perceive your body language as rude or just a nice person who can communicate well and professional and can manage well.
Expected results of modifying this behavior:
In modifying my communication skills, it will result in my being able to communicate well, and to be both a better manager and a better person. Being able to communicate well, as a manager, will show employees that I can communicate, give feedback, and advice on a professional level. By modifying this behavior, it will result in less