Communication In Social Media

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While the social media only started with the advent of internet, social networking has always been around for a very long time; for example it used to be, I meet your friend, then your friend friend and so on. Peter and Valkenburg , (2012) stated that young people can decide more easily than in face –to- face conversations how they present themselves and what they choose to confide in others. they further highlighted the fact that traditionally, adolescents learn and rehearse self preservation and self disclosure in face to face communication often with peers and close friends, but several studies have found that self preservation and self disclosure take place on the internet (Davis, 2010; Schmitt, Dayanim, & Matthias, 2008; Schouten, Valkenburg, …show more content…
Cue management is another of the features in which adolescents will output the manner in which they want to present themselves for example texts, videos. This can have an effect on the self esteem which will in turn affect the psychological development of adolescents for example if the output creates a positive in the number of ‘likes’ that the adolescent feels is satisfactory then there is a positive effect on the psychology if on the other hand the likes are not satisfactory then the effect will be the opposite.
Accessibility is another one of the features and while it allows easy access to look up or create new friends it can also have the disadvantage of attracting unwanted friends. This can cause distress in the adolescent and lead to all sorts of problems especially if the stranger is one who is
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The nature of the study will allow for easy administration and collection of the information which is needed. The surveys will allow for exploratory methods which are necessary for this study and probe more deeply the adolescents’ thoughts and thereby get the response which is needed to answer the research questions. Moreover surveys can be administered quickly and the results can be compared with other similar surveys.
Methodology and data collection procedures
Adhering to the ethical guidelines of research is the responsibility of the researcher. The adolescents and their parents will be contacted and told about the project, what it is all about and the methods which are going to be employed to solicit the information. They will also be told about the benefits, risks, time involved and about the selection process.
The participants will be assured of confidentiality since the questionnaire will be completed anonymously and that it’s voluntary in that they do not have to participate.

Data presentation
The analyzed data will be presented in the form of tables, graphs and