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Communication in the Relationship Communication is the key to having a successful relationship. Without a good background in the ability to be able to talk to one another, finishing an argument in a positive manner becomes almost impossible. The most important aspect of having a good strong basis of which to communicate well with others is not being afraid of showing emotion, thus identifying the root cause of the problem and solving the dispute. If you hide your emotions inside it becomes difficult for your significant other to understand the way you truly feel. In most situations, men tend to disclose less of their feelings than women, making it harder to understand his side of the feud. It becomes difficult to communicate with a person who is not calm and collected. Staying calm during a confrontation is a key factor to not further complications within the argument. If you let your emotions run wild, you begin to not have control of your actions and words, thus adding gas to the fire. This results in fumes from both sides of the relationship and never ending the way you wanted. Being calm and collected allows for both individuals to speak their mind and make peace without upsetting each other. In the book it states that there are two different types of people, those who hold emotion and wait till the fire burns down or those who don’t hold back and just let it all out. I find from personal experience that letting it all out is the best way to go. I believe if you are already in the ‘mood’ per say, you can never really make it any worse than it already is. However, if you wait till the fumes have died you may be blowing on the embers hence bringing back the fire to full. There are many skills that aid communication, which is probably the reason they call it Communication Skills. We talked earlier about figuring out the true cause of the problem, and when we can learn how to successfully identify this, we will be much better at solving problems early. It is also important to be self-assertive in arguments. If you cower in a corner and not present your side of the story, then you will inevitably be thought of as a coward and get zero respect from the person you are trying to communicate with. Talking proud and getting your opinions out will allow for better communication. Not only must you be assertive and speak out about your feelings, you also must listen to what your significant other says, and do it in an empathetic manner. If you listen in an argument, you may realize points