Communication: Interpersonal Relationship and Self Disclosure Essay

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Can We Talk
Michelle Calhoun
COM 200 Interpersonal Communication
Instructor: Lindsay Hallead
April 13, 2013

Can We Talk Self disclosure in a relationship is so important because both people in the relationship needs share who they are, and discuss what they have in common and what draw them to each other as well as disclosing their fears, feelings they have for each other, and doubts, and by doing these things will avoid problems, arguments, separation and divorce. Self disclosure is an important factor in the beginning stages of the relationship it helps to develop interdependence between both people. After reading the article “Can We Talk that talks about the role of communication in happy marriages, I can’t say that I really relate, because I have not been where this couple have but I can say that, there have been times where me and my old man have went out to dinner and after discussing what we will like to order on the menu, and given our order there was very few words exchanged and when the food came and we so much said one word to each other. Now it is not something that we never really paid any attention nor have either one of us complained about it. May be it could be that we been together for so long and just became that way, or maybe it is the way we communicate with each other. If there is no communication because of gender difference in relationships then there is a big problem because communication is very important in every situation between two people in a relationship. According to the British dating site claim that a couple married for fifty years will speak for an average of only three minutes during an hour long dinner. Self disclosure is important and directly related to satisfaction in relationship because it should always be honesty, and no secrets in the relationships, but face to face intimacy interpersonal interactions between both people. Gender difference and communication is another