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ENGAGED EMPLOYEES = HIGH-PERFORMING ORGANIZATIONS In the article, Engaged Employees= High-Performing Organizations we find a focus on things businesses can do to keep their employees engaged and wanting to work there. One in particular is focusing on communication. Communication is key in keeping employees wanting to work. By keeping your employees informed, this keeps fewer errors from occurring. Less errors, means happy bosses, happy boss’s means happy employees. By keeping communication lines open between both, you ensure that your message is getting across to every employee. Three focuses in communication are personal contact, repetition, and knowledgeable employees.

Personal Contact Meyerson, speaks about the top 7 keys to successful communication in the workplace. One that really stands out is personal contact. Meyerson states, “Personal contact is important. People relate to one another better when they can meet in person and read each other’s body language, so they can feel the energy the connection creates. If personal contact is not possible, the next best way to connect is by talking on the telephone.” In today’s society, you forget to have that personal contact with people. Most of the times it is emails, text messages, etc. Through personal contact, you build better relationships with employees. By building these relationships, you develop a network. No one achieves success alone. Making an effort to become friends with people in different departments within your company, meet new people in your community, and look for experiences or interests you have in common. Personal contact helps build those networks that are needed to build strong teams and have great teamwork happen.

In the article by Kelleher, he states, “communication experts say you need to repeat a message to your employees 13 times before they “hear” it.” What I took from the article is that you do not necessarily have to repeat your message in the same way. By being repetitive, you can use e-mail, memos, and meetings to send out the same message. It should guaranteed that the message would get across in one of these ways. Everyone has different learning methods, and by having the message sent in different ways assures that you hit each learning method. For example, at my job we have a rewards program, which is called AMC Stubs. For the month of April, we have a promotion going on for the loyalty program. Instead of paying $12 for the card, you pay $8. Obviously, this news needs to be shared with our employees so that they know to promote the card for the month of April. In order to make sure every single employee is aware, we send out e-mails to their accounts. We post memos up in the break room, clock in room, and locker room. We also have conversations with each employee individually. We also have group huddles so that each employee can feed off the others energy to be pumped to sell. By having this line of communication, we guarantee that employees understand our message and know how important it is.

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