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Communication Keys John Gilstrap Email this Author 5/29/2013 6:57:50 PM I do realize that this is not the typical form of posting your first post. However, I feel that I must tell my side of the story instead of everybody's that has already spoken in the past. You see one of my objectives in life is to get everyone on the same page as to do their own thing. Writing to me can only be writing if you are writing your own paper. I have quite a substantial amount of experiences with advertising in ways that no one except maybe Instructor Shah has had the joy to live. You see we are ourselves always advertising whether it is walking through the mall, going to the movie theater, shopping in a grocery store or even picking our noses. That is how retailers and corporate gurus know exactly what to address when it advertise their products, we advertise ourselves. A lot of you may be saying well that is a given, and honey children that is a crock, because nothing is given it is earned. Yeah yeah I Know why can I not just give in like everyone else! Well that is where we are at now give too little too much. Corporate gurus are taught what is in schools and as we all are but gurus adjust to some form of criminal behavior and do things as we have always done. I think it is about time for a change. Let us take back the advertising industry quit Photoshopping everything, let us communicate and I mean really communicate by word of mouth, honesty,integrity, and go back to the roots that