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Communication leaflet
Unit 115-Task a

Verbal communication
Verbal communication is how you speak;
1. tone of voice
2. use of language (no slang with clients)
3. formal and informal communication

Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is how you communicate without speech
1. Body language (slouching, yawning, not smiling, legs and arms crossed and eye contact)

Examples of good and poor communication
Speak clearly
Stand up straight with arms by your side
Use a soft tone of voice
Eye contact
Speaking loudly or too quiet
Straight face
Arms and legs crossed
Using slang
Not looking at your client

Ways of adapting communication to different situations
When making verbal contributions to a variety of audiences, you should adapt your language appropriately, for example, when making contributions to friends you can speak informally, but when you are speaking to potential clients, you must speak formally and politely.

Fact sheet about team work in a salon
Unit 115-Task B

Benefits of effective team work
1. working as a team
2. getting things done quicker
3. good environment for clients
4. enjoy your job

Effects of negative attitudes and behaviors on others
1. Wouldn’t go to work
2. Wouldn’t feel comfortable at work
3. Clients would notice and refuse to come as they won’t enjoy their treatments or services
4. Wouldn’t get anything done

When to refer problems
1. Hazards (electrical problems) I refer to electrician.
2. Client hurts themselves, I refer to salon manger and first aid
3. Faulty machine, I refer…