Who Was The Sender

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Who was the sender?
Boatswain’s Mate First Class from a Coast Guard cutter my Electronics shop supports Who was the receiver?
Myself and two other technicians What was the message?
The BM1 reported a discrepancy with the AIS transceiver on the cutter. It was reported the transceiver was inoperable and would not turn on. What channel was used to send the message?
An online program that reports discrepancies from the cutter to the Electronics shop to be corrected. What was the misunderstanding that occurred?
The discrepancy had been corrected the day before, however the discrepancy had not been updated in the program. Techs reported to the boat to find the discrepancy already corrected, wasting government time and money. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided?
The tech that corrected the discrepancy should not have assumed everyone knew he’d corrected the discrepancy. Myself, and the other technicians should have asked the whole shop if the discrepancy had been corrected.

Who was the sender?
The junior enlisted personnel at my unit (lower level members who partake in day to day operations) Who was the receiver?
The Command Cadre of my unit (senior enlisted members who the unit’s logistics) What was the message?
Junior enlisted members were unhappy with the way the unit was being ran. They did not trust the Command Cadre and morale was low. What channel was used to send the message?
Annual survey we were required to take to share our feelings about unit operations. What was the misunderstanding that occurred?
The Command Cadre assumed unit members were referring their lack of confidence in the Command having their back if faced with legal action when involved in a military operation