Essay on Communication: Nonverbal Communication and Child

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There is many ways of communication in our setting, and we normally use all the different ways and type of communication every day. For example there is talking which we use so much in a day, for example when a parent brings their child to nursery the first thing we always do is say hello and ask the child how they are, 99% of the time the parent will answer that question, the parent will inform you of how they have been since you last saw them. Then that member of staff will have to feed back to the other members of staff in that room of how that child is, which you could tell them by talking or in every room we have a communication book. Every day when you come in to start your shift you should always read your communication book so you know anything that has gone on in the morning or the evening before, it is important to remember to read the book as something might of happened and a staff member might of forgot to tell you, you should always go into work and ask the other member of staff how everything has been in the morning or if there is anything that you need to know.
We also use sign language at work when we have children and parents that only know sign language, but when we have someone that can only use sign language we will get someone to come in and teach all the staff in that room sign language so we can communicate with the parent and the child still.

We must have clear and effective communication with our parents and staff for example if a parent comes in and says that her child need cream on every nappy change then you need to inform all your staff that this child needs cream on at every nappy change. We also need to use clear communication to a parent for example when a child has an accident in the setting and bumps their head you should inform and call mum or dad and let them know they have bump their head and how the child is, this is important because when it’s a bump on the head maybe later on in the day the child comes over ill and unwell all of a sudden the parent maybe unhappy that you hadn’t inform them when they bumped their head earlier on in the day.
It is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating with them because then you know what their body language is and it is also important you notice what