Communication: Nonverbal Communication and Service User Essay

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Communication is very important in order to express needs and emotions. There are two types of communication, verbal and non-verbal, both of which are as important in understanding and supporting the service user. when i first started working with mr t i found it difficult to communicate with him due to his parkinson's disease witch make's his speech blurd also had hearing aid. to adapt to how i communicated with mr t , looking around his room at pictures of family and his life allowed me to mention them so i got a reaction from a nod or a smile this gave me the confidence to communicate more with simple questions boldly spoken and directly given eye contact.
To help me deal with this i referfed to the care plan of the service user this allows me to read personal information shows how other nurses/careassistents deal with the service user by looking in daily wellbeingstatements so iwould be aware what others have found to work or not and what is the type of communication is needed. by recording eachothers findinds it cuts out alot of difficulties happing. the goals achived by care plan put in place would be so mr t recives the person centerd care needed for his level of communication by all staff members the approch i took to help communication with Mr t was to give myself some spare time to sit and chat keep him company, made sure i turned down background nose ie radio/tv when i spoke to mr t i would make sure he had hearing aids in and i was postioned in directly near him and i used a clear and pricise questions and sentences about his day/life made sure i was speaking so he had a better understanding of what i was saying and kept eye contact