Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication Opinion Paper
February 5, 2015

Communication Opinion Paper

Communication is the process of exchanging or transferring information from one individual to another by using words, sounds, signs, ideas, thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Basic element of communication consists of a sender, a receiver, the message, the mode and the response. Effective communication is the understanding of the information provided; it plays an important role in the health care field. Communicating effectively allows for a better understanding of all parties involved. It can provide a positive or a negative attitude based on the person and the type of communication. Effective communication incorporates the basic elements of communication between the sender and the receiver where the target audience is able to understand and respond to the messages received in doing so one has to listen carefully and ask questions to clarify the information.
Effective communication requires several skills, the first being listening. Listening can successfully ensure the understanding of the information being communicated. Next is non-verbal communication. Effective communication can be transmitted by body language, expressions, movement, gestures, your eye contact and the tone of voice. It is significant to maintain communication using the same words and non-verbal method. The health care field can be very stressful and it is of great importance that all parties involved maintain and manage their stress to effectively communicate, if not it will affect the ability to communication clearly.
Communication is an important factor within the health care field, effective communication can bring about changes in the attitude of employee’s , motivate and maintain a healthy relationship between peers. A work team can become very effective when information and ideas are shared through communication. To maintain a successful health care office it is necessary to maintain effective communication, without it can put a patient’s health at risk.
Health communication is important to individuals, it is crucial to be successful in the health care field. Health communication allows physicians to listen to patients’ issues, make proper diagnoses and gives their recommendations as well as follow-up protocols. Health communication is one of the most important factor in provide excellent health care to patient. Patients who take an active role in medical encounters are more likely to be satisfied with their doctors, trust diagnoses, and carry out treatment (Cecil, 1998;Frankel & Beckman, 1989, Young & Klingle, 1996)

Health care communication remains at the core of nursing practice providing the groundwork for relationships with patients, family members, and health care colleagues; and the medium for teaching and caring. Verbal communication includes "all behavior conveying messages with language" (CarisVerhallen, Kerkstra, & Bensing, 1997, p. 916)

The basic elements of effective communication differ from the basic rules of health care communication because interpersonal communication must be precise and detailed. The health care field is successful when effective communication is maintained between the physicians, nurses, insurance companies and the patients. Interpersonal communication is the binding factor that allows the healthcare industry to survive.
A provider might encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate candidly by speaking in a manner where the patient understands fully what is being stated, it may help if the