Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication Opinion Paper
Christine Kendall
November 18, 2012
Tralicia Brown

Communication Opinion Paper
Effective communication in health care is crucial for health care professionals, the patients and the establishment providing the care. It can mean the difference between life and death. When there is not enough communication within the health care industry, medical care will not be given effectively due to mistakes that will be made when things are not clear. When lives are at stake, effective communication is a must in the health care industry.
Effective Communication and its Elements
Effective communication involves more than understanding information that is being conveyed. How a person
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Effective interpersonal communication can lead to the patient offering enough information to lead to a diagnosis, the provider and the client both can discuss an acceptable treatment plan, the client and the provider are both committed to fulfilling their responsibilities during and after treatment (de Negri, Brown, Hernandez, Rosenbaum, & Roter, 2012).
The following steps to effective communication and encouraging the client to communicate candidly include: encouraging a two-way dialogue, establishing a partnership between client and consumer, creating a caring atmosphere, bridging any social gaps between provider and client, accounting for social influences, effectively using verbal and non-verbal communication, and allowing the client enough time to tell their story (de Negri, Brown, Hernandez, Rosenbaum, & Roter, 2012).
Cultural Differences and Communication
Excellent cultural communication skills are beneficial to relationships with colleagues, clients, and customers and improve business performance. If challenges and opportunities are handled well when working with people from different cultural backgrounds, they can increase productivity, improve performance, innovation, and progress (Kaplan & Cunningham, 2010).
There are a few tips when conversing with someone from a different culture which can increase your chances for being understood.