Essay on Communication: Optimal Care

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Communication: whether it is verbal or nonverbal, it plays a big role in the world of nursing. The moment a patient arrives on the unit, it’s very important that we establish a trusting relationship. If we cannot gain and maintain the trust of the patient, it will be hard to deliver optimal care. Effective communication involves listening, responding with empathy, being honest and trustworthy, and doing what you say you will do. It is also about eye contact, body language, tone of voice and attitude. When we interact with the patient, its imperative that we speak in a clear and concise way. We must be honest and try to not to take out our frustrations out on the patient when we are stressed. Always keep the patient informed about every aspect of their care. This makes them feel like there are in control of their health. When we provide patient teaching we should allow them to demonstrate their understanding. To increase their understanding further, we then provide them with written documentation they can refer back to at a later time. Effective communication will motivate the patient to adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles.
"Members of the health care team need to establish professionalism to dispel competition, exploitation and frustration in the delivery of health care in the ever changing health care system." (Hood, 2010, p 107). As a team, we set goals and measure the outcome together. Without proper communication, we would not be able to deliver optimal care to the patient. “With patience, education, and teamwork, we created a system that empowers nurses, engages physicians, and enables patients to take part in discussions that revolve around them.” (Chapman, 2009) Its important that we respective everyone ideas and