Communication - Org. Behavior Essay

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Describe a time when your satisfaction was impacted by communication.
What were the circumstances that caused a change in satisfaction?
Provide relevant examples from a past or present employer for support. Please explain and substantiate your answer.
Interestingly enough, I just went through a situation at work that is a perfect example of what happens when there is a lack of communication.
I was offered a temp to perm position through my employment agency. It was my understanding that the department that I would be working for was undergoing structural changes. Despite this, the CIO and the IT team needed an Administrative Assistant. I would be working for three months and after that I would be a permanent employee with the company.
I have been working with the CIO and the team since January 3rd to present date. I recently asked the agency if they knew what the holdup with the offer was due to. They said they had not heard anything negative and that it might be because of the structural changes that have not been finalized. That response kept me still for another month but then I decided to go to HR and find out directly from the representative at the company. I would have asked my boss directly, but, he was out on business travel.
To make a long story short, the HR rep informed me that I needed to speak with the CIO on his return. It turns out that HR had approached him after the first 90 days and he asked for an extension. They approached him again on the second 90 days (June) and he said he still wasn’t ready. He didn’t know what the final decision would be about his position and the structure of the department. He told HR that he would discuss this with me. Of course, he never did. I finally decided to initiate the conversation since now I knew he not only was procrastinating on making a decision, he also lied about being forthcoming with what was going on.
He seemed taken aback when I asked why the position still wasn’t finalized as permanent. He become red in the face and tongue tied. When the words finally were able to come out, he said that he liked me but he didn’t think we were a good fit. He claimed that he has been inquiring within the company for another position for me, but, there aren’t any available at this time. He gave me very incoherent reasons as to why he felt that I was not what he was looking for. This…