Communication Paper

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Communications Paper
Sociology 110
University of Phoenix

COMMUNICATIONS PAPER There are many ways to communicate in today’s world. Whether it be a face to face conversation, phone call, letter, text message, or e-mail people always find a way to communicate with one another. But, communication goes way beyond the verbally spoken words, people can also communicate by interpreting the posture, appearance, and facial expressions of the people around them.
There are two main types of communication in the busy world we live in, verbal and nonverbal.

Being able to listen to a speaker is just as important as being able to communicate with a person or group of people. Based on the student listening inventory, I perceive myself to be a good listener. But, no matter how well someone can listen, there are always ways to be a better listener. Some of the things I do well when listening to someone give a speech or share an idea include; having an open mind to new points of view that a speaker may have, blocking out any distractions that may be around, I am able to continue listening to a speaker even when I do not agree with what they are saying, and I can set aside my feelings when I have an emotional connection with the speakers topic. Some of the listening skills that I could use some improvement in include; asking questions when I do not understand something the speaker has said, responding to questions the speaker may have, and letting the speaker know when I agree with him/her. To help myself become a better listener and improve the listening skills I struggle with I can make changes in my