Communication Paper

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Communication Paper
Rebecca Moreland
December 25 2013

Communication Paper
In the age of modern technology and the way we are relying on it for almost everything, we must think about utilizing this in the medical field. I would like to look at Electronic Medical Records (EMR’S) as a form of communication using technology. When we used to go to the doctor’s office we almost always had a huge paper file and had to hand sign with pen a few papers. Now, we still have that file and have to sign the papers, but we can do this using a computer.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR’S) have been proven to be an amazing addition to communication in the doctor’s office. With this technology we take the communication to a level where the emergency personnel and other doctor’s can view a patient’s file in the matter of minutes. This can save lives in those situations while also offering a secure system of protect of the patients information. This is just one way this type of technological communication is an expanding positive for patients. There is also back up files that can be saved during a fire or flood, saving time and money.
HIPPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, has been implemented in the medical field as an important security for the patient. Patients will often wonder if this still is enforced with the medical records being electronic. This is a yes by all means. We try to maintain high securities with protecting the patient’s information but, when using a computer they must extra carefully. The medical staff will take precautions in caring for the medical record as if it were on paper. I believe that the records are at least 3 xs more secure using this form of communication because of the access that is given. A lot of medical offices give passwords to logging into the data base and viewing the information. Communicating this information on a fax is very tricky and most often is only done by secure transfers making it harder to steal the personal information.
An effective way of communication between consumers and providers is that the patients are able to see what is in their file at any time. They can easily know the information is secure between them. One way this is effective is because the doctors can track the patient’s progress in an instant or have their file transferring by the push of a button in an emergency.
The EMR is different form of communication because it is a file and also a place to communicate important information to other health care providers without having a medical file needed to be in paper form. I think this communication is different because of the amount of notes that can be put