Communication Paper

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Communication Paper
Jessica Stroklund
December 3, 2012
Cindy Perkins

Communication Paper
Communication between health care providers and their consumers is becoming a more demanding reality. Consumers are focusing on their health and therefore seeking education and communication. Providers have to step up and meet these demands; therefore, they are evolving in the communication aspect of their work. Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Records are the new age way of storing data. These are electronic databases of a consumer’s medial history and a way of keeping up to date and easily accessible information for both consumer and provider. Electronic Medical Records are not only efficient, but cost effective as well. Everyone knows that time is money, and therefore when using Electronic Medical Records, providers are able to save time which makes them more efficient. Efficiency in the medical room equals more money; the more efficient a provider is with seeing their patients the more patients they are able to see in one day. This makes patients happy because there is more availability throughout the day as well as quality of care. Electronic Medical Records allow for providers to become more efficient due to the fact that medical history can be accessed with the touch of a button, EMR’s allow for physicians to be able to transfer data from one facility to another without the hassle of relying on the postal system. EMR’s allow for money saving due to the fact that they are able to cut down on the amount of paper being used, which also means the less storage area needed for storing those paper files.
Electronic Medical Records are also a great way of ensuring a confidential system. Having certain access restrictions to patient information, that way general staff cannot gain access to protected health information as well as having firewalls and electronic data protection. These are things that allow for safe storage of medical information as well as easy access. Electronic Medical Records is an efficient and accessible form of communication that is allowing for health care to make improvements. They help providers be more efficient, cut back on errors and allow for easier communication between