Essay about Communication: Physical Education and Communication

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Communication is a connection between people or places. Communication can be achieved in a variety of ways including telephones, the Internet, satellites but most of all our senses of hearing and seeing. Our lives are built on communication from the day we are born, even though we are not able to speak, we still are able to communicate with those close to us such as our parents with cries and with our hands. Communication is an invaluable skill that we learn as children but develop throughout the course of our lifetime.
Communication is important in our Physical Education class because all of our activities that we do involves communication. Communication bridges our class and connects together as one group of people doing one thing together. It allows us to branch out to our team and effectively complete the activity together as one team instead of a group of individuals.
Communication applies to me because my whole life is based off of communication. This includes communication with my friends, with my family, with my classmates, my teachers, even communication with strangers in everyday life. Without communication, my life in society would become extremely difficult. It would be impossible to get what I wanted or express my opinions and many things that are easy due to communication with others would become a challenge. It impacts me in our Physical Education class because a basic class requirement is to communicate with our peers and to be involved in the activities…