Communication: Physician and Medical Technology Essay example

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A way that the increase of medical technology could have a negative effect on communication among providers would be the communication between one or more physicians caring for a particular patient. For example, my grandfather was hospitalized a few months ago and the doctor on call contacted his primary care doctor about his case to discuss what treatment may be necessary. This would normally be seen as a good thing, however, later other decisions along the same lines had to be made and both doctors were doctors did not communicate with each other which caused a drastic set of events to follow. He was taken off medication needed and put on medication which triggered an allergic reaction which if contact was followed through on a regular basis the physician would have known of the possible allergic reaction. Another example here would be the amount of time a providers spends learning and knowing their patients. In most cases providers are too overwhelmed with too many patients and do not have the time to know or understand their patients as thoroughly as they should. For example, again when looking at the situation with my grandfather, the doctor should have had thorough knowledge of all the possibilities within his case as to make sure any changes made will affect him in a positive manner rather than a negative one. What should have been done was to ask more questions and talk with other physicians as to the best interests of the client to determine the best treatment under a variety of circumstances.

The positive effects of increased technology on communication among providers are that with technology comes the ability to care for a greater number of individuals at one time. This is very important especially when we look at the most dire of circumstances such as that of trauma incidents. In occasions such as this it is imperative to have technology to allow those in one part of a hospital to communicate with others to get the best care to the patient. There have actually been clinical trials related to medical technology and the effects it has on patients. It has been concluded that health Information technology will enhance the patients experience by the means of improving care coordination and communication as well as allowing for a decrease in test