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1. Introduction
A communication plan describes the communication efforts made during a project deliverable development. This document covers all the available modes used to contact and share the deliverables with team members.
2. Purpose of Communication plan
To achieve a successful project development communication plan must be effective. It should involve all the audience and planning regarding the project deliverables. The communication plan must contain all the modes of communication during document development for sharing the documents, information, key points, any updates and modification made to any document.

The objectives of the communication plan are as follows:

Communication between team members
Effective and timely Communication
Communication with stakeholders
To provide notification to various audiences
To provide confirmations for requirements and meetings
3. Communication modes
Communication during the project development is very important throughout the life cycle to exchange the information, documents; updates to deliverables etc. There are so many communication modes available such as:
Face to face meeting
SMS letters (hard copies)
Facebook or messengers for conferences
4. Target Audience and their responsibilities
The table below contain target audience and description of their responsibilities:

Project Role
Introduction to project role members
Project sponsor
Provide high-level project direction
Approve changes to project scope
Approve amendments made to objective of project
Ramond young
Project manager
Perform high- level project management allot roles and responsibilities to team members
Maintain status reports and submit to the project sponsor
Monitoring the project plan and documents time to time
Monitoring the communication plan
Jonathan Laloz
Team members
Participate in project development
Participate in meeting and discussion about project
Collect requirements for the project
Develop documents about project
Perform testing
Execute the project plan
Execute communication plan
Ali Anjum
Sukhdeep kaur
Muhommad umair khan

5. Communication reports requirements
This table provides the reports to represent to various audiences:

Report Requirements
Project manager
Project sponsor
Status report
Every week from 1 to 7 and 9 to 13
Project manager, Project team members
Project sponsor
Detailed information on work
Once a week in Tutorial
Face to face

Project manager
Project team members
Detailed information on work