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Communication Management Plan
Team C
January 30, 2014

Communication Plan
Factors involved in creating and maintaining an effective communications plans are essential to businesses. There are many ways that a vision can depict a group’s direction. Communication plans must be clear and consistent, not vague, because proper means of communication are important to the group. In order to have a successful communication plan the group must have appropriate channels in which they communicate. After selecting a tone and channel the group must consider the barriers or road blocks. In this essay we will describe how groups must adjust their message to eliminate barriers that block the road to success by finding new ways to communicate.
Appropriate Channels
There are several ways to effectively communicate changes to employees. With the high cost of postage Riordan has decided to use alternative methods to deliver messages to their employees. To ensure that all employees have been notified of changes made within the company, a communication plan has been prepared. A mass email will be sent to all employees addressing the changes. At the closing of the email a check box will be provided for concurrence. By clicking on this box employees are acknowledging that they have received, and reviewed the changes to be made. Riordan is aware that not all employees have email or check their email on a daily basis, it is for this reason that employees who have not acknowledged the changes via email will be given a printed version of the email that was sent out and asked to sign that copy. In addition to these methods Riordan will also have reminders posted in break rooms and hallways of the company. Not only will these posts serve as reminders, but they will also ask employees who have not acknowledge the changes to be made to do so expeditiously, as there will be a deadline. There will be consequences for employees who have not signed the change contract. These consequences could end in termination. The final method for communicating change will be weekly meetings held at the company. All employees will be required to attend these meetings once a week where management will inform employees about any changes or job performance issues.
It’s important to overcome the communication barriers that requires an alert observation and thoughts of possible barriers in a particular example of communication. For example, taking the receiver more seriously, a crystal clear message, delivering messages skillfully, focusing on the receivers, using multiple channels to communicate instead of relying on one channel, ensuring appropriate feedback, and be aware of your own state of mind/emotions/attitude. By not following these steps of communication it will bring barriers for yourself, others and Riordan. It’s very important to use these steps for communication within the company to make sure everyone is being treated fairly and ensure everything is being done correctly. At Riordan the managers should know how to prioritize their work. They should not overload themselves with the work, instead they should spend time with their subordinates, and listen to their problems and feedbacks actively. Riordan stands behind the six C’s which are “complete” the message must be complete in all respect and should convey all facts required by the receiver. “Clear” clarity in communication makes understanding easier and enhances the meaning of a message. “Correctness” in communication implies that there are no grammatical and spelling errors in communication. “Concise” conciseness means eliminating wordiness and communicating what you want to convey in least possible words without forgoing the other C's of communication. “Consideration” consideration implies “stepping into the shoes of others.” Effective communication must take the receiver/s into consideration, “courtesy” in message implies that the message should show the sender's