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I believe that in order to success in a relationship, Couple should give enough time to each other, and consider each other interests and differences. May be a women have more fun by doing shopping with her friend than watching a soccer game with her husband. But in order to make her partner happier she will decide to watch this game with him, and share his interest. Even if it’s annoying, doing something like this once in a while, will give miraculous result to your relationship and to the way how your partner sees you. When you find a man who is doing the best to figure out which gift his women will like the most, try to weak up early to prepare the breakfast, take care of the kids while his wife in school, you should know that he is caring, and you should acknowledge and consider our partner efforts and sacrifices.
Concerning the lack of proper communication between men and women, Tannen states, “Once the problem is understood, improvements come naturally.” Is this statement substantiated or backed up with evidence? Explain.
Yes, the statement is backed up by explaining how the college couple solved there difficulty by having the guy sit up instead of lying down and actually look at the women without being distracted and listen to her. Now every time she talks to him he realizes the women like to be looked at when talked to, he altered his behavior and did so. No matter what slight changes will make in our life, even if it doesn’t meet our expectation,