Communication Process Model Essay

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Communication Process Model
Luis Erazo
July 15, 2013
Kimberly Boyd

Communication Process Model The learning I achieved from the communication process through this activity has clearly taught me the key elements used in our everyday way of communicating with the world and each other. As society continues to evolve and become more dependent on communication, we see the importance of obtaining the best possible communication skills to facilitate our way of relying and sending messages. So many crucial elements make up the communication process mode, and every single step is clearly needed for the process to by complete with clear understanding between the parties involved. In my first scenario, I had the opportunity to experience confusion and the lack of the message not fully understood. I work as a rental agent in a local rent a car company. Assigned too many accounts, I was approach by my branch manager and asked to close out all the government contract which reach their limit of 30 days and reopen so these state agencies can continue with their rentals. In this case the sender would be my manager Jerry Lara. The receiver, in this case I, received a face to face verbal message to complete this task. While attempting to close out the contracts, I ran into many issues regarding tax exempt amounts that needed to be removed from the accounts. As a rental agent without formal training and experience in the specific task, I was unable to complete my task. After consulting with my manager, I felt that the cause for this misunderstanding was to lack of detailed procedure. I was explained that all he wanted for me to do is edit the dates for billing purposes. I clearly didn’t understand the message because I felt there was not enough clear information provided to me. I feel if my manager would provide more detailed steps on how to change dates, I would have understood the message without any confusion. According to the authors, they mention “the receiver, who is the destination of the communication message, must assign meaning to the symbols in order to understand the message” (Cheesebro, O’Connor, Rios. 2010). When I was briefed on the task, I didn’t understand, thus not allowing myself to assign symbols preventing me to understand the complete message. In my second scenario,