Communication Process Paper

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Communication Process Paper
Don Fairbee
John Ferrenta
Communication Process Paper
The importance in being able to effectively communicate with others is essential in our everyday lives. Although everyone participates in some process of communication, not everyone knows how to communicate well. I was always told that communications is the best thing going, you should always want to get a good and clear understanding of what someone says wants or how they expect the job to be completed. Communication is a process involving the encoding and decoding of messages being sent and received by a source and receiver, respectively. Messages are sent through various channels, such as face-to-face interaction, electronic mail, or telephone. Depending upon the channel used to communicate a message, it may allow for the communication to be transactional or unilateral. All of this occurs within a certain context, and it may also include noise factors, such as cultural differences or physical distractions, that may disrupt the effectiveness of the message being communicated. The more knowledgeable one is of the multiple factors involved in the communication process, the better the chances of effective and efficient communication. While being employed at the Division of Corrections I have come to really understand the importance of communication. We need a good form of communications because there could be a life or death situation at any time. Working at the Division of Corrections you received messages in a lot of different ways. Some of the ways are by email, word a mouth telephone calls and dispatching over the air waves and the upper management may cause a mandatory meeting. Also so just like everyone in the world a message can come from gossip. For example I was working in India building an I assisted a new officer with a problem that she seem to be having with the inmates in her dorm. I express to the officers that I was there if she needed me and I will always have her back. I express to the officer that she will have to be the one to keep some sort of control of the inmates in her dorm, and put a disciplinary on those who violate the policies of the institution. A few days went by and someone said that I told the new officer to forget about those guys and she doesn’t have to do anything to them at all. The communication level at the Division of Corrections isn’t the best in the world. We have some situations where people read a certain policies and get a different meaning from what is actually said in the policies. There have been times where one Lieutenant or Sergeant may say that you can do something one way and on