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Comm. Davison
Persuasive Self Evaluation When given the task on creating a persuasive speech my mind immediately to one of the largest problems of America, Obesity. I have touched on this subject matter a couple times in some of my other classes but I never gave a presentation to actually try and persuade people on what they can do about this problem that has been killing millions of people and digging our economy farther and farther into debt. In my presentation I think the fact that I already had so much background knowledge on the topic helped me tremendously. I have written an essay on this topic but it wasn’t with the intent to actually help people but instead to turn in and get a good grade. This was my chance to pretend like this was the real deal and I was going to actually be able to help people. To prepare for this I think my essays that I wrote helped me organize my presentation in a way that makes sense and have people curious about a solution to the topic. My knowledge on the topic also helped me pick the right stats and not be nervous on messing up while presenting as I was already familiar with not only all the facts but what they actually mean. My knowledge and paten for my topic I think really helped me connect with the audience in the form that this really is a problem that we need to address. Some of the problems in my speech that I believe could have hindered my ability to be persuasive was my pictures and video clip. During my slide I chose not to show disgusting pictures of overweight people eating but instead show funny cartoons or pictures that could have been a little distracting to the audience. I believe that because they might have been funny or a little unrealistic the audience could have took my subject as a joke or that I wasn’t really too serious about my topic. Also my video clip was a cartoon show, although it was funny it really expressed my viewpoint on obesity to the fullest. I hope that these pictures and my comedy style presentation didn’t hinder my chances at effectively influencing my classmates. I was extremely prepared before this presentation. From having a tremendous amount of background knowledge and taking the time to rehearse my speech to writing down notes to help keep me on track. I felt like before I presented I knew exactly what I was going to talk about and when I would talk about it. I didn’t want to have so many notes to the point where I was reading of my outline or staring up at the screen the whole time. Instead I wrote down key words that would remind me when to talk about a specific subject. This helped me keep on track and not