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Symptoms of dillusions: charts
Diathesis stress model: chart schizo
Cassandra-3 things associated with alcohol don’t talk,feel n don’t trust.

Malnutrition, alcohol, b vita defficent n memory loss: kaurskauff syndrome.

Nerotransmithers for all drugs: alcohol and benzo=gaba cocaine=dopamine opiates=endorphins/endagioness

Substance abuse and dependent.

Withdraws, DTs, tolerance: absorbtions of drugs:fast way?
What happens at diff. alcohol level? .33 and .38 poison .4+ potentially fatal
Male/female=metabolation of al

Alcoholic subtypes:profiles

Biological therapies: antabuse

Biological,male,certain age 20-40 more susceptible to drug abuse.

Diagnostic criteria for para.
Exhibitionism-typically shy people

Worsen prognosys: dsm1 and dsmII. Ppl with personality is resistant to change.

Diff. b/t personalities and cluster. Cluster A ex: schizo sprectrum. Cluster C-irritating…

Schizotypal-ghost of someone from the past….story

Egosyntonic(don’t see theres a problem with themselves) and egodystonic(symptoms not part of them)

BPD: see ppl as all good or all bad. All or nothing…”splitting”
States BPD: 75% r female. 75% r comorbid w/axis1.

Culturlal influence in personality disorder: our society, super dependent is not a good thing. Other culture, it’s the norm.

Conduct disorder! Assoc. with anti social personality disorder must be diagnosed by 15yrs. Old
Biological treatment for personality disorder: like anti social personality disorder..comorbid with depression, good thing cuz anti depressant will shift them one direction or another.

Fisher-mz twins-and their kids…not big difference in prevalent rate:9-12%. Genetically influenced rather than environmental

Shield: MZ twins the severity of schizo increases the chance of getting schizo.

Broncha: twins finger print diff. In schizo twin
Mednic:2nd trimester and mom having flu
Heston adoption theory:mom with schizo:66% likely psychiatric disorder, 18% mom without.

Holster: Blood valance doesn’t match mother:foreign to body, mother might attact fetus

Dopamine theory:schizo is dopamine enduced similar to meth. Psychosis. Link b.t parkinsons and medication. Overactivity of dopamine causes pyshosis. Positive can be controlled by antipsychotic. Negative does…