Communication Skills Essay

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Communication Skills
Communication skills have appeared as being the most powerful set of skills to possess for fast-tracking one’s career path and speeding up accomplishment in every part of life. To prepare for a rewarding career in the broad field of management, it is even more necessary to acquire, practice and exhibit high levels of communication skills in normal and crisis situations.
Communication is a massive subject; it stands for connectivity and networking in its broadest sense. In the setting of an enterprise, business communication is the process of influencing others to achieve common, shared objectives. Communication is a two way process and is complete only when the feedback is received by the sender. Information flow is a one way process.
Communication can be verbal covering oral and written form and non-verbal that uses a large number of signs, signals, gestures, expressions and sounds. Learning more about non-verbal communication changes the way people look at both oral and written communications. Everyone seems to be communicating all the time especially during waking hours. By mastering the art of observing and interpreting body language and related aspects of communication, everyone can become a better communicator!
“Business communication is not only the life blood of an organization but also the heart of its internal and external communications.”(Johnson, Effective communication skills form an important part of a job requirement, communication skills are prerequisite for a promotion to higher positions and are essential to all problem solving. They ignite enthusiasm, enhance motivation and boost traits of leadership. Communication skills also give advantageous in personal life and community work. They enhance will to work, skill to work and thrill to work. They support happiness at work, and convey satisfaction and happiness.
“Communication is directly influenced by the ability to express issues concisely and convey to receivers in words and phrases they are familiar with. So that they may be persuaded to the intended course of action.” (Johnson, It is, therefore, a powerful skill to develop.
Acquiring effective communication skills is a lot of hard work. It requires a complete change in attitude towards environments. This change in attitude should be strong enough to compel change in personality. Once persons have acquired good knowledge over their speaking and writing abilities, they should feel self-confident, assured and controlled.
“Good messages are like good paintings; like pieces of art. They should be prepared with a lot of care and love for the audience they are meant for.” (Robinson, Good communicators are able to overcome barriers to communication and influence an audience and make them act in a desired way. This helps to achieve the goals set for the message before it was delivered!
Future managers and leaders must strive to become powerful communicators by acquiring good perception of their audience and being precise in their expressions. They should have good grasp over the process of reshaping opinion of their audience and remain both friendly and congenial in their disposition.
“Crafting effective message is like a painting – the creator of message is like the artist who must first think of the purpose and the audience.” (Robinson, Good communicators should tell in advance what they are going to tell, follow it by then giving concrete and specific language, sticking to the point and connecting new information to the existing ideas concisely and finally, wind up by summarizing what they have told. This will have a