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Communication Skills Assignment

Communication is very important in a business, not only with the manager but also with everyone else working for the company. Without communication people working in a business have no idea what is going on and a direction for the business can be very difficult to take. Communication is the process of a sender sending a message to a receiver with the purpose of creating mutual understanding. A key element to effective communication is the communication medium (how the message will be sent). Communication media include verbal, nonverbal, and written communication. Nonverbal Communication is a mode of communication that uses body language and other means of communicating without the use of uttering words. It includes body language, expression, gestures, professional appearance, time or space. Verbal communication is a mode of communication that uses the uttering words in communicating to external contacts and employees. It includes feedback, instructions, presentations, and telephone. Written communication is a mode of communication that requires writing in order to communicate. It includes letters, memos, proposals and reports.
Let’s further explore verbal and nonverbal types of communication media.
How to Communicate With People: Seven Keys to Effective Communication Everyone communicates, but studying how to communicate effectively requires skill. In order to become successful in business (or any aspect of life), it is important to develop proper communication skills. For some people, communicating is easy. Some have a natural flair for communicating and a strong sense of confidence or charisma that endears them to others. Opening up in order to study about another person takes very little effort. But how does the rest of the population study how to communicate with others? Let's start by exploring seven easy-to-follow steps.

Confidence Good people skills start with confidence. When a person has confidence, it shows. Confidence attracts others like a magnet because on some level, the attitude shows this person is worth the time and effort. When using effective communication, one of the most important rules to follow is to look directly in the person's eyes. People who lack confidence tend to avoid eye contact. Avoiding eye contact shows disinterest or in a worst-case scenario, dishonesty. When two people make eye contact, effective communication is possible. Eye contact also lends credibility to what you say. Show Interest

Many people make the mistake of talking too much about themselves. Nothing kills a conversation quicker than rambling on about oneself. One of the best methods to study how to communicate with people is to get them to talk about themselves instead of making them listen to you.
The Art of the Open - Ended Question One of the quickest routes to awkward silence is asking questions that can be simply answered with yes or no. By asking a question that requires a more detailed answer, the other person has to elaborate and offer as much information as possible. Why ask, "Are you enjoying yourself," when the question could be phrased, "What do you think of this party?" Listen Twice, Speak Once Pablo Golub, author of "It's All a Damn Game" says, "You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Therefore, you should listen twice as much as you speak." In relation to people skills, this means that while the other person is talking; give him or her, your undivided attention. Take an active interest in what this person is interested in, and if it's a subject you know nothing about, you can use it to your advantage. Find out more about the subject. Admit it is not a familiar topic. Would he mind telling you more about it? People love to share what they know and nothing increases confidence more than sharing a subject close to the heart. When you discover a person's favorite topic, he will have no problem opening up to