Communication Skills: A Script Or Role Play For A PCD

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3 Methods of communication that uses communication skills


A script or role play for a PCD appointment 

Teacher: hello Mrs Brown, Melisa please sit down
Mrs Brown: Thank you and call me Lynette
Teacher: so what do you think of the school
Lynette: what Melisa says it sounds pretty good.
Melisa: mum
Teacher: so lets look at you achievements in school, it looks pretty good but it seems like you are slipping maths with a satisfactory in you behaviour what happened?
Melisa: yeah I'm not that bad its just most of my friends are there but I still do my work
Teacher: maybe try to respect you teacher I know its not intentional try to whisper and don’t interrupt her when she talks, its very important for you guys to be listening maths it’s a big deal.
Lynette: what I see so fare I’m quite impressed Melisa but ill make sure she behaves better in maths
Melisa: can I get the phone I wanted
Teacher: is that the reason you did well in you work
Melisa: of curse it motivated me
Teacher: you should do that Lynette more often, her attendance is very good she still on 100% keep it up, ok lets make a targets for next PCD appointment first could be maintain an excellent attendance and second could be to improve your behaviour in maths.
Teacher: are you concerned about anything else
Lynette: no thank you very much
Teacher: see you Melisa Tomorrow
Melisa: yeah see you tomorrow

Verbal communication

The verbal communication I used:
 The teacher greets the parent and welcomes them with open arms this is a sign of respect.
 The teacher welcomed them nicely to show that they are able to help them whatever the situation.
 They hade positive attitude with her towards her bad behaviour in maths this shows that they are trying to solve the situation that has occurred.
 Melisa talked about what she was going to get out of her good result in school this show that she is listing even if