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Hey girl what’s up, I’ve been dying to talk to u! I’m so excited about going back to school, I chose University Of Phoenix. They offer so many neat resources dude, its freak** awesome! I’m so HAPPY; finally, I found a school that works with my schedule and disability. Girl they hv a lot of cool tools that help people like us who hv a hard time with Math. Shoot u no u & I both r like illerate when it comes to that darn subject. Neway they hv a library that has a lot of tools with links to help with subjects u hv trouble with. There’s one called Center for Mathematics (CME), it helps u w/ basic math all the way to college math that hard stuff. Girl they even offer u a live tutor 24/7, I was like shut up! ;) U can’t get that newhere else. OMG they even hv one called Center for Writing (CWE), it has all kinds of awesome tools to help u be a better writer! Not that I really need much help lol, whatever rite. Neway it has a plagiarism link to make sure u aint copying anyone. Oh ya there’s one called Write Point too that one helps with grammar like caps, punctuation, all that good stuff n a tutor too. There’s even one that helps with citation and reference. OMG there’s so much they offer I need to tell in person, but neway I guess I’ll ttyl. Hv a Gr8t day girly girl !

Hello fellow classmates,
My name is Connie Marie Espinoza, I just wanting to fill you in on all of the wonderful resources available to us as University Of Phoenix students. The University Of Phoenix offers numerous tools to help transform every one of us into sophisticated, highly intelligent, educated individuals. During my three week Orientation, I realized I had made the best decision choosing the University Of Phoenix. Not only do you have a great support system behind you one hundred percent, such as your Instructors, Academic Counselor, Admissions Counselor, and Financial Advisor, you also have access to great resources. One of my favorite features is the Library. In that Library, you will find a Center for Mathematics Excellence, Center for Writing Excellence, a search bar and you will also have access to your