Communication Techniques Essay

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Customer value in short is the value a customer places on a product or service. Trust within definition is a feelings or attitudes that incline a client to return to one company. Being trustworthy is nothing you can play around with when dealing in a business environment. A trustworthy employee that most customer look for to be trusted from within mainly of your personal integrity, commitment level, sense of self-esteem, can be honest also straightforward and my ability to work for interest of others. The quality of a product or service as explained is often associated to products and services from customers. Also the better the value of a product or service to a customer the likelihood that the customer will become loyal to the brand or business, this leading to the likelihood purchasing add-ons and upgrades.
In the text refer to communication skills facilitate rapport in many different ways. The impact do to communication skills and types of styles with employees standard behind one counter facilitating transactions with customers also transmit information about your company's attitudes and standards. Customer service is a serious practical purpose in most businesses, so it's helpful to establish the potential impact of our workers' depending on the different communication styles will affect each client.

My past experience dealing with communication skills to build a customer trust when working at a college as an internship while learning about business was overwhelming. After been there a few months or so knowing the ins and outs of system they utilized it got easier from within. Later that month a person came up to the window where my friend whom works there full time while I am still an internship this student had problems in payments regarding funds. He tries to explain but wasn’t