Communication: Time Management Skills Essay

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My Keys for Success in College
Dante Rouzan
September 18,2014
Carol Amato

My Keys For Success In college My personal plan for my college success is to develop better writing skills, better grammar, time management skills, and to focus on having my daughters be my number one priority. Taking workshops and proofreading my work will help. Time management is one of the hardest skill to master. During the first week of class, I will mark down deadlines for each assignment, paper, project, and test that I will encounter that semester. My two daughters have and always will be a top priority in my life. With school, I will have to make sure that does not change. Writing Skills Developing better writing and grammar skills is imperative to my college success. With the proper writing and grammar skills it will help me get better grades in the class, and help me with getting my point across. Taking workshops to improve writing and grammar skills is a proven method in helping people do a much better job. Proofreading my paper as well will help with writing and grammar. Spending an extra 25-40 minutes going over my paper I know can go a long way. Reading out loud is also a good way to proofread. It allows me to hear the problem I may have. I’m hoping by taking workshops and proofreading my work I will gain better skills and knowledge as I work towards my goal in completing my college courses. Time management skills My time management skills and getting organized is not my strong suit. Time management is also a key part in my college success in order to get homework, reading and any other assignments done on time. This is an area that I need to improve on the most. I plan to improve my time management skills by creating a to do list. Creating a to-do list will give me a detailed look at what needs to be done at certain times. By setting certain timelines, I can give myself rewards for meeting the timeline and discipline when I don't meet the timeline. Creating a list will help me out with being organized, which I then will be able to notice that there may be things that I can get rid of on my list and things that I need to have definitely on my list. The secret to effective time management is to focus on important tasks. Having an organized folder and planner can take away a lot of unnecessary stress that can come from not being organized. Family Obligations My two daughters are a top priority in my life. They are one of the reasons I have returned to college and plan to succeed in my overall accomplishments. I will make sure on top of all the things I have going on that I will spend quality time with them both. That includes helping them out with their homework, helping out in their classrooms as well as helping and going to any extra activities that they may have going on at the time. With that being said, I will also make sure to do things like going to the movies, having fun at the park, taking a family walk to just have a nice conversation with them to see how their