Essay about Communication: E-mail and Electronic Products

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The most important skill for employee is communication. If you can have a good communication with others, then you can easily adapt to the work. For an example, I used to work in a car shop in China. As we know, there are lots of Chinese. Everyday you meet lots of customers; you have to learn how to communicate with different customers. Most of them are very polite, however there are rude customers. You cannot say any bad words and you have to pay attention to the questions why they are rude and help them to solve the problem. If you can have a good communications with them, then you will work there easily. Also, you have to communicate with your boss and your partners.
The e-mail is very convenient for our life. Email advantages: through keyboard input, you can quickly write, can also edit and save; Paperless saving paper, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection; The click of a mouse, you can put information points. Sent to one or even thousands of individuals; The recipient is not acceptable when the mail at a convenient time Designate and re-read; And low cost. Email Disadvantages: Information overload, and some people may one day receive thousands of messages. Read a lot of information extraction and recovery time is necessary to a full day; lack of emotional content. Email only transmit information via text, e-mail cannot be more passing out face-to-face exchanges the message; E-mail may be cold and inhuman in the pass may Checkers Emotional response of sympathy to understand the information or social support, e-mail cannot be delivered to these feelings. For an example, there is a bad case for email. The e-mail system in our company is destroyed by an e-mail virus and the system could not work for almost one week.
The advantage of the network: One conducive to achieving the competitive advantage of the future. Many families buy a computer in order for a child to learn, so that they can keep up with the pace of…