Essay on Communication in Criminal Justice

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Communication in Criminal Justice Settings
Ashley Thompson
Erin Kirkpatrick
Communication is important to most professions and human relations in general. When it comes to a career in the Criminal Justice field, you must have great communication skills. Possessing these skills can keep you out of bad situations, and might even save your life. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal and to be able to do your job well, you need to know how to overcome potential communication barriers.
Communication in Criminal Justice Settings
Communication is a necessity when you are working almost any job. When you are working with the public, the people in a community you must be able to not only communicate your own point
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Communication Barriers
When it comes to working with other people it is important to remember that not everyone will think like you, and most of the time people always think they are right. When trying to communicate with people, use language that will fit the audience. If it is obvious that you are talking to someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language, or might have a lower level of intelligence, you should use words that are easy to understand. Do not overcomplicate the conversation by using words that could very easily be simplified with a more basic word.

Communication on the Stand
When you need to go to court and testify, you are communicating with the jurors with more than just your words. Appearance is an important factor when it comes to the juror’s impression of you. As a man you want to make sure you are well dressed and clean shaven. You should make sure your hair is clean and neat. You should wear dark colors, a pressed shirt and make sure you wear dress socks. If you are a woman, it is still important to have your hair clean and neat. Women should dress nice and feminine. You should not wear anything to risqué, you want to be perceived as a wholesome person and not show up looking uncreditable and a “hoochie”. When you wear heels, make sure you are able to walk in them and are capable of climbing a few stairs. Before you answer any questions, you need to pause for a minute. There are two reasons for this, the