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Emily Foy
The Rise of MP3’s and Digital Downloading
Professor Chen
COMM 100

In today’s society digital downloading and MP3’s have taken over the music industry and the way we share and buy our music. People all over the world listen to music on a daily basis, while they are working out, doing household chores, just relaxing while enjoying free time. Music impacts many people all over the world in many different ways and is some individual’s passion. Music can be purchased in many different forms from buying CD’s (compact discs) to downloading MP3’s and putting them onto you’re phones, IPods or MP3 players. Technology has a major impact in the way people purchase music and how artist sell their music. The world is a very diverse place and every one does things in different ways to satisfy their own needs and one of those is the way they purchase their music. By technology changing the ways people enjoy buying of their music, it has forced all companies and producers in the music industry to reconsider on how to make it possible to be able to download all music produced. There is also other ways people listen to music and that is online radio stations, for example, Pandora, Google Music, YouTube, Spotify and many more. With so many options there is a question of what form is used the most and how having so many options affects the revenue of companies in the music industry. When interviewing five different people, they all seem to end up with the same website