Communications: Interpersonal Relationship and Long Distance Essay

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I’ve never really been in a long distance relationship with someone I’m close to or anything but I do have family in other states that I talk to every now and then so I guess that’s what I’m going to use for my example. Every now and then our family goes to Florida to visit them or they come to Kentucky to visit us but how do we stay in touch when we’re not able to visit each other? Technology makes it possible to stay in touch and feel like you’re still pretty close to them even if you’re miles and miles away. I’m only 20 but I’m going to go ahead and say “back in the day” we had telephones, letters, and sometimes email if we were lucky, to help us stay in touch with people from all around. Technology has advanced at a pretty rapid pace and we now have things like video calls, skype, unlimited texting, picture/video messaging, etc. which help us keep in touch with others and also allowing them to see what we’re up to; I must say, skype and facetime is pretty awesome for talking to family members because it feels like they’re there. I’m not saying it makes it easier for long distance relationships because it’s not, but it makes you miss them a little less and makes it more bearable to go without seeing them for a little while. I’ve been pretty lucky when it has come to my friendships and actual relationships because I’ve never been put into a position where I have to have a long distance relationship and I’m extremely thankful for that, because even though we have all of these wonderful new technologies, I can’t even imagine going without seeing someone I’m extremely close with for a long period of time. Long distance relationships can be both