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Costello Enterprises | To: | All Employees | From: | Katie Peugh | CC: | Ned Holcomb, CEO | Date: | 5/20/2013 | Re: | Top 20 Communication tips | Comments: | Please find below a list of the top communication tips that will help to ensure our company meets this year’s goal of 95% customer satisfaction. 1. Use the preferred format when communicating to clients and colleagues. Decide if it is better to send your message by email, letter or speak with client directly. 2. If email is the preferred method, do not use slang or emoticons. 3. Keep emails brief, but remember to be cordial. Greetings and closures will help to remain cordial. 4. Do not send lengthy or complicated information in emails. If you must, use attachments for this information. 5. Use attention catching subject lines for email communications. 6. During phone conversations speak clearly. Remember to pause between ideas to give the listener time to respond. 7. Remember to use good body language during direct conversations 8. Dress professionally when meeting clients or colleagues. 9. Good posture will improve the listener’s first impression of a speaker. Slouching may imply disinterest or laziness. 10. Remember to look you client in the eye when having a conversation. Poor eye contact can imply dishonesty. 11. Listen to your customers when they speak. 12. Ask questions or repeat the speakers words if you do not understand something fully. This will help to better