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The source has a view in a modern conservative way. They have a right wing ideology that is less then fascist in the way they bring up the idea of freedom of the individual. Fascists believe that a certain group of people should be free and the other group is made a public enemy, just as Hitler did to the Jews. The way it’s stated it sounds as if the source is talking about everyone being free which goes against the fascist thinking. The source surrounds the word prosperity. Prosperity is gaining in something whether it is in wealth, success or something else. At some point in a person’s life I believe that they have had some sort of prosperity come to them. A lot of people strive to get prosperity in their life which motivates them to work hard. The source brings up this idea of the government vs. individualism. This idea has been a classic battle that we’ve heard many stories in history about. The source says that individualism is better than more government. By this I believe he is talking about control. The amount of control the government has or the amount of power the individual has. He believe the only way to prosper is for the individual person can only bring prosperity to themselves or the world. This is brought up in the idea of the freedom of the individual. Freedom is one that has had a long history within itself. Freedom is the ability to act the way one chooses to without any restraints. He says that in order to prosper we must open or gain the freedom of the individual. The source leaves us with this idea of not depending on the government. Now depending is relying on something. Which then the source tells us that we cannot rely on the government to prosper. Without depending on the government does that not make our society one of anarchy? We must embrace the idea of the source but in order to do that we must first limit the boundaries in which it applies. We must say that there should be some government say in how things run, but the individual should have freedoms within reason. He should not hurt anybody else with his freedoms and should respect the rights he shall be given.

The red scare had many people on the balls of their feet. Whether it be the countries across the world or the ones close enough to the so called infected zone. What I mean by the infected zone is the countries under communist control, or more accurately, under Stalin’s control. Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Communist Party in Russia, and then became leader of one of the biggest areas of Communist controlled country known as Russia. The way the world saw communism was actually one interpretation of it which was called Marxism. It was people had taken the ideas of Karl Marx book the Communist Manifesto. They interpreted it differently than Karl Marx had envisioned it. He wrote about a revolt by the people, then a dictator to set things up, and then a utopia. Instead people like Stalin believed it needed to be violent revolt, and then a dictator to rule. We do not know if once he was in power he liked it too much or if his idea of communism meant one ruler for them all, yet he never moved himself from the leader position. Stalin ruled…