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Communism is a belief that all people should be equal and that there is no class that separates them.
The communist ideology was founded by Karl Marx, and was first put into action by Nikolai Lenin.
Communism ideologies, actions, and failures have been played out repeatedly whenever a Communist government is set up.
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The ideology of communism that was formulated by Marx originated from Charles Darwin’s book
Origin of Species
. Marx was first introduced to the idea of survival of the fittest, while he was studying at the University of Berlin by the radical professors he had. He became more involved with these ideas from the Baron of Westphalia whose daughter Marx eventually married. With the help of his friend,
Fredric Engels, he was able to write and publish the Communist Manifesto in 1858, the same year in which riots broke out across Europe.
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In 1864, Marx and Engels formed the International Workingmen’s Association, more commonly known as the First International. This organization which was formed of socialist and anarchist was quite shaky even though they had a common goal, to form a classless and stateless society. However within a year, the First International failed due to the fact that the socialist and anarchist could not get along. From the years 1867 to his death in 1883, Marx wrote
Das Kapital
, a book that served as the blueprints for Communism. However, since he was never able to complete the book, Friedrich Engels finished the book. Engels also took Marx’s other ideas and manuscripts and published them into the books,
Das Kapital II and
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The ideas of communism first took action in 1917 in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. After the
Duma, the existing government at that time, was overthrown Vladimir Lenin then set up a Communist government in Russia. Lenin confiscated all private properties, forced all peasants into collective farms, and sent all those who opposed him to concentration camps. In 1922, Lenin created the Soviet
Union which was composed of Transcaucasia, Ukraine, and the Byelorussian republics. After Lenin died in 1924, a power struggle ensued with Joseph Stalin being victorious. Stalin took Communism to another level, by censoring the members of the Communist party, and killing anyone who dared to make him angry. He also killed many people just because he did not like them.
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The Soviet Union got involved in World War II when Stalin signed an agreement with Hitler to invade
Poland. However, Stalin had Russia join the Allies when Hitler decided to invade Russia. After