Communism and Small Elite Group Essay

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Revolution goals and outcomes of Russia and Mexico (Similarities) * Both revolutions were started by the lower, working class because they wanted a government who would support them and not just the wealthy and powerful - Mexico - large sectors of the economy were controlled by foreigners. Most of the land was owned by a small elite group of people (pg 711)

* Both governments had a lot of corruption and did not support the working class who protested the conditions of early industrialization (Russia pg 713). - Industrial nationalism disrupted manufacturing in Russia creating more economic hardship by increasing unemployment and famine. (pg 715) - Mexico – the corrupt government would punish the working class when they would oppose the loss of their lands and horrible working conditions (pg711) * Although the Mexican Revolution was caused primarily by internal forces, it was eventually influenced by the outbreak of WWI . The war caused a disruption of traditional markets for Latin American exports and the elimination of European sources of goods forced them to rely on themselves. (pg 711) Revolutionary outbursts in Russia were even more so spurred by wartime misery, including painful food shortages and great loss of life. (pg 677 and 713) * One common goal of the revolutions was to reassert greater national autonomy and move away from Western influence, economic control and cultural influence. (pg 718)

* Outcome: both countries put land redistribution policies in place to try to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. (pg 712 – Mexican Constitution of 1917)
Russia – Lenin decreed a redistribution of land to the peasantry and launched a state takeover of basic industry. (pg 715)
Revolution goals and outcomes of Russia and Mexico (Differences) * The new Russian government tried to establish a classless society (Marxism) where everyone had complete equality. Liberal leaders (the czar) had held