Communism, Conservatism And Left-Wing Ideologies

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Left-wing ideology: Left-wing ideology supports the improvement of welfare of all citizens, providing social services and also think that law is important to protect citizens’s right.
Centre ideology: It believes that tradition is important but change should also be supported if people want it, and government should be involves to improved the lives of citizens.
Right-wing ideology: It believes in the importance of traditions and that change should come slowly and cautiously. Laws and rules should be followed strictly to ensure the safety of citizens. Economically, the government should play a small role in the capitalist system.

Part B.
Define communism, conservatism, fascism, liberalism and socialism in your own words. communism: believe in the economic ideology of people which try to abolish every private property. conservatism: trust equally in both economic freedom and intellectual. fascism: an authoritarian system of government. liberalism: supporting everyone’s each freedoms and governmental protection of civil liberties as a political philosophy. It also believe in economic and intellectual freedom. socialism: believe that government has to control means of production and give benefit to all society’s members.
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W= New Democratic Party
X= Bloc Quebecois, Green Party, Liberal Party
Y= Conservative Party

1.b) Leader of Green Party=Elizabeth May Leader of Conservatives=Rona