Communism versus Capitalism Essay

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Communism versus Capitalism
Christian Guerzon
Communism and Capitalism are two economic systems that have often been compared throughout the last decade. They are two very contrasting ideas, and are the differing systems between the two superpowers of the Cold War, The United States and the Soviet Union. Both have essential fundamentals that service the need of an economy’s people. A person’s choice in which system to follow lies in the hands of the problems that each one has or had, and how the systems did or did not persevere. Capitalism ensures any one person’s entitlement to free economic endeavors within the federal laws of the country. In other words, under the Laissez Faire policy, as long as your business is within the legal bounds of the country, you are allowed to advance as far in the growing of that business as you can carry it. Theoretically, anyone in the right mindset that can adjust to the ebb and flow of supply and demand is almost guaranteed success. Although when compared to communism, the unemployment rate proves to be much greater under capitalism. This is a system where the intelligent and conniving can experience and live in luxury. Communism ensures a spot for everyone in society at any point during life. All children go to school, learn to work, labor for their whole lives and then eventually retire to a home where they are taken care of. Under communism, the government controls what the country produces through industry, and most middle class people work in the factories getting paid the same wages as…