Essay on Communist Manifesto

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- depression – is it that bad? o Not just to shock and sell books o Recessions: when things are heading down
• We had one from 2007 – middle of 2009 at that point things stopped heading down ; GDP starting growing and 6 months later employment started growining, but not meanin
• Depression is when thing are down

• Great depression A period of more than two years and has two recessions and recovery officially o What we are going through right now
• We are 3 years into a technical recovery , employemtn is positive but it is terrible out there and have made little progress against suffering ,
• not as bad as great depression but things are bad for a n
• bad for an extended period
• we are making little progress in solving it
• almost 4 million have been unemployed for about a year – hardly ever happens in normal times , hasn’t happen since 1930s
• no jobs for recent college graduates, unemploument for recent college grads is high , jobs just aren’t there o huge problem o is a solution, nee intellectual clarity and political o Keynes tried to convey the point that there was a specific issue that could be o Narrow and straigfrward problem that should be solved quickly o Easy to solve economically not politically o What is the problem: not enough spending, as a society we are not spending enough on eachothers products to keep eachotehr employed o There was a long period w/o an economic depression; people get relaxed about certain types of risks especially debt. Forget the dangerous of high levels of debt. Problem of private not public debt o We steadily removed regulations on banks that were supposed to prevent financial crisis, also failed to extend regulation as banking evolved so there came a point where the rising level of debt when people realize there was too much debt and peole were forced to slash spending, but if everyone slashes spending at the same time, it is self defeating
• When ever
• Because my spending is your income, your spending is my income, when everyone slashes spending at the same time, economy slides into a