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Organization Profile: DaVita Dialysis Inc.
Milton Jones
October 28, 2013
Lou Herman

Organization Profile: DaVita Dialysis Inc.
“The greatest kidney care company the world has even seen”. These words have been uttered with this organization for more than a decade now. The word DaVita means to give life in Italian. Since our CEO/Mayor, Mr. Kent Thiry took over back in 1999, the company has grown not only in revenue but we see more renal kidney failure patients than any other dialysis company in the world. The mission with this organization is clear. We want to be the provider, the partner and the employer of choice.
Community Involvement This organization does dialysis, but it’s not all about dialysis. The company is about the lives of the patients, teammates (employees) and partners, and the communities in which they operate around the globe. They believe that if they create a thriving, sustainable community for our teammates, they in turn will create a special clinical and caring community for our patients and their families, and be inspired to help others.
Social Responsibility
Since DaVita began in 1999, the company has developed programs to enrich the lives of our community's members — and in creating programs for our patients and teammates; they realized that goodwill has also spread to our families, into 1,600 local communities and around the world. Community Care — the annual report outlining the DaVita vision for social responsibility — defines the company's "declaration of independence" and philosophy on the role corporations should play in America. A report says, "DaVita is a community first, and a company second. They are a community that just happens to be organized in the form of a company."
Social Initiative
DaVita has implemented several social initiatives. Some of those are the DaVita Village Greeters, the Wall of Fame and the Circle of Life programs. The Village Greeters are volunteers that welcome the patient into the clinics. The Wall of Fame encourages patients and teammates to creatively showcase their pictures and fun facts through contests. In 2011, more than 1,200 centers participated and more than 82,000 participants got to know each other a little better. The Circle of Life helps patients and teammates address life planning and end of life issues. They hold memorial services for the patients that passed away at the clinics.
Ethical or Moral Effects
DaVita sets the bar high when it